A web file manager that works for you.

A simple tool for collecting, organizing, and publishing the asset files needed to run your website.

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Manage your website assets with this simple 3-step process

1. Collect

Multi-file uploader. Upload photos, videos, audio files, documents, and fonts needed to build and run your website. All from your desktop, tablet, or smartphone. Drag-and-drop entire folders directly from your desktop.

Scalable cloud storage. All files are stored in the cloud. No need to worry about running out of hard drive space or losing your files in an accident or disaster.

2. Organize

Collections. Categorize your files into folder-like collections so you can find them later.

Associate related files. No more hunting for the source video file for that YouTube or Vimeo video or needing to recreate a JPEG because you can't find the source PSD.

3. Publish

Share URLs. All files uploaded to Live Editor come with a URL to paste into your website code or CMS editor.

HTML 5 video and audio encoding. It's a major pain to encode your video and audio into the multiple formats required by the myriad of computers, smartphones, and tablets out there. Rest assured: Live Editor takes care of this grunt work for you and hands you a simple embed code to use.

Request a Beta Invitation

Free for beta users. See the FAQs for more info.

Why you'll Live Editor File Manager

Web designers

  • Upload to S3 without the fuss of clunky, amateurish uploaders and messing with file permissions.
  • Keep your assets together during the entire creative process. Live Editor even tracks revisions for you.
  • Generate HTML5 audio and video, grab an embed code, and go.


  • Back up your files in the cloud. Stop relying on your hard drive, which could crash and burn at any moment.
  • Keep your photos organized. Group into collections. Associate your derivative edits.
  • Find your photos when you need them. Use keyword search and filters to find what you're looking for.

Small businesses

  • Get up and running in minutes. No need to have an information librarian on staff or a complex "metadata strategy" to get started.
  • Web based. Nothing to install. Get software updates as they happen. No "IT guy" needed.
  • Grows with your business. Upload now and organize later.

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Free for beta users. See the FAQs for more info.

Integrate with WordPress

Upload, embed, and link to your Live Editor-hosted files directly from your WordPress admin.

Writing a blog post or page in your WordPress site? No need to leave WordPress to get to your Live Editor files. Just click a button and either search or upload from there.

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Chris Peters

Why Live Editor?

During my 15 years of building websites, I’ve been extremely dissatisfied with content management tools. I’ve never encountered a CMS that I haven’t considered to be an embarrassment to hand over to clients and coworkers. They’re always difficult to understand and way too technical to be useful.

My goal with Live Editor is to provide a content management system that works for you, not the other way around.

Live Editor File Manager lets you first focus on the various documents involved in building a website. It lets you wrangle together the various photos, logos, videos, audio files, Word documents, PDFs, and Photoshop documents common to any web project. You can then organize your files so that nothing gets lost in the process.

With Live Editor File Manager, I am committed to making website file management work for you. I hope that you’ll become a part of our story and let us solve this problem for you once and for all.

Chris Peters, Founder

Request a Beta Invitation

Free for beta users. See the FAQs for more info.